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Hello! I'm Mao Barros, a 20-year experienced visual designer now specialized in Interaction/UI Design.

I have worked on more than 150 projects, helping businesses of all sizes to enhance their visual behavior and brand culture through a tailored Design.

I love to give people’s ideas a face, a soul and a meaning through Design, enjoying the process from a talk at a coffee table to a project launch.

Currently CCO at Deeploy.Me and based at Aveiro, Portugal.
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Build or rebuild your portfolio

Is your portfolio a true representation of your professional level? If not, I can help you get there.

Clarify who you are as UX/UI Designer

Are you certain you’re in the right path? I can help you finding and improving your professional value purpose.

Increase your chances to get hired

With the Deeploy.Me's team of curators and recruiters, I can help increasing your value proposition.

Build or grow your Design Team

Building a Design Team is no easy task. I can help you define which type of UX/UI Designer has the best fit for your needs.

Start your product’s Design project

If you're looking for creating a new design project, I can help guiding the way to make it happen in your terms.

Get no-code skills with a Webflow class

Go beyond and become a more complete UX/UI Designer by offering more than layouts and prototypes, with Webflow.